Hannah Owens and the Maze of Darkness

I’m so lost. . . I thought to myself, scared a bit. How do I get out of here?! I was really freaking out now. The only light in that fearsome, maze of darkness was the faint blue-ish light coming from the screen of my phone. I had already tried calling 911 and every other emergency number, but appearently there’s no reception underground! I couldn’t see where I had come from or where I was headed, I could very possibly be walking in circles, but there’s no way of telling. Every so often I would run head on into a dirt wall, and not the soft kind of dirt either. It was the miles underground dirt and rock mix. It was eerily quiet and if I stopped to catch my breath hideous screeching sounds would replace the silence.

That’s when I heard the soft padding of bare feet running in my direction. Quickly I turned my phone off and jammed it into my black sweater’s pocket, then I ran like a mad person trying to get away from whatever was following me. I thought I heard someone yelling my name, but that might have just been my mind playing tricks on me. For a moment I dared to glance over my shoulder, but the underground maze was so dark, you couldn’t tell if your eyes were open or closed. I leaped one stride further, stepping directly on a stray rock. I scrambled to pick myself up, but realized I had twisted my ankle. As I lay there on the ground trying to blend in, I heard another pair of louder, heavier footsteps that couldn’t possibly belong to a human.
Then I saw it. A tiny point of light shone directly above me. The sky! I thought with relief. As I sat up and leaned against a wall I prepared myself to climb however far it would take to get to the other side of earth. That’s when something tripped over my outstretched legs and landed with a thud at my feet.

My first instinct was to run, but I forced myself to stay calm and not move. The figure stayed still for a moment, then jumped up and whipped out a lantern shining it into my eyes.

So this was a short story I wrote featuring the main character from my book, Hannah Owens. Hopefully I’ll write more about her but I have summer school projects I’m SUPPOSED to be doing–like possibly right now….

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